Privacy & Disclaimers

Auslux values and protects your privacy. We thank you for the trust that you place in us and we want you to know that the information you share with us will be treated with care.

The objective of this Online Privacy Statement is to disclose and explain what  information we collect, use, and share and to explain the privacy choices that you can make. We encourage you to read this Online Privacy Statement, as well as those of all websites that you visit.

This Online Privacy Statement applies solely to information collected by the Auslux website or (2) e-mail, as described in this online privacy statement.

Auslux may provide links to third-party websites. This online privacy statement does not apply to any information you may provide while on this 3rd party websites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies on those sites before providing any private information on such sites.

Internet privacy is an important issue.  We've tried to cover the bases in plain language. Don't hesitate to email us with your questions.


Our Simple Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important issue on the Internet. We take your privacy seriously. We do not sell any of your personal information to anyone. Period.
We do not record any information about your reading habits or attempt to obtain any personal information other than what you provide by you in relationship to this website.
MODIFICATION OF THESE TERMS OF USE: We reserve the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the website is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the website.

The Only Exception

We comply with all Australian Government laws and will make information available to the courts if required to do so.


We sometimes use cookies to enable features, as does virtually every site on the Web. An example of the kind of thing we might use a cookie for:

We add a new feature to the site. To tell you about it we open a separate window the next time you visit to tell you about it. The cookie records that you've seen it so that we don't show it to you more than once. Some ads do the same thing, you never see that ad more than once or twice in a single day. We record no personal information in our cookies.

What's a Cookie and why do I Care?

Actually most people don't care, but for the curious few a cookie is a small file that a Web site stores on your hard drive when you visit that site. Only the site that created a cookie can read that cookie.

Cookies are usually only a couple of bytes so they don't take up much room on your hard drive.  Different Web sites use cookies for different reasons.  Most sites use cookies to make sure they're not showing you something you've already seen before, as in our example above.  Some use cookies to keep track of your interests or preferences.  Having the info on your local machine just helps the Web site to run smoother and faster.

What if I Don't want a Cookie on My Machine?

You can turn them off.  Every web browser gives you the option of turning off cookies. But so many Web sites rely on them that it's really not practical to do so.

Will Cookies fill up My Hard Drive?

No - 'Cookies' are very small files. Cookies are also deleted if they're not used for a while. All cookies are created with an expiration date. Most expire in a few days to a few months and it's rare for a cookie to last more than a year.